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Default Re: Is today's JMU game televised?

Originally Posted by cowboysooner View Post
Thanks Mont. That is weird though. I checked my Cox menu this morning and it wasn't listed as being televised on ESPN . Thanks again.

BtW, this tournament has been good TV. We will see what we can do with Alexander today. I think we would have had a better chance last night, when she would have had to pitch for the second time on the same day. She clearly wore out by the end of the first game.

Also, I love natty patty. But, she has to free up Coleman to hit, and quit having her happy gilmore every pitch. Sorry, I just had to say it. It is driving me nuts run somewhere (usually illegally) when the pitch is coming to the plate. Please. Just let her hit.
My wife says the same thing about Coleman. I think since her being a lefty means she has a shorter distance to 1st base may be part of the reason for it.
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