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State of Oklahoma: Class of 2012 Rankings

Updated May 20th 2011
1. Nino Jackson, 6’1 Combo Guard, Ardmore, Previous Ranking: 1
Jackson is a special talent that is a sure fire high major player. He possess a lightening quick first step, long arms and the ability to leap out of the gym. The 6 foot 1 guard has a shooting guard’s game in a point guard body but his athletic ability masks some of that size disadvantage. The only true question on Jackson is if the rumored off the court baggage will hold him from reaching his full potential.
Strength: Athletic Ability
Weakness: Off the court baggage
Player Comparison: Former Georgetown player, Allen Iverson

2. Quintion Paras, 6’3 Shooting Guard, Lawton MacArthur, Previous Ranking: 4
Paras is one of the strongest guards in the state and he uses that strength to his advantage on offense by either posting up smaller defenders up banging into the trees. The Lawton MacArthur standout has a shaky three point shot but his ability to finish with either hand and hit the occasional pull up jumper in the lane make up for his limited shooting ability. Paras is the type of player who rises to the occasion and while that can produce big moments, he can also play down to his opponent.
Strengths: Strength and defensive ability
Weakness: Shooting
Player Comparison: Former Oklahoma player, Nolan Johnson

3. Dre Wright, 6’9 Power Forward, Lawton Eisenhower, Previous Ranking: 3
Wright has the ability to stretch the floor with his midrange and three point shooting capabilities. His back to the basket game is limited and he needs to learn to be dedicated in the low block on the boards and when blocking shots. The big man is still not fully healthy following a knee injury that forced him to miss almost all his junior year and has the potential to climb higher on the list.
Strength: Shooting
Weakness: Interior toughness
Player Comparison: Former Oklahoma player Harvey Grant

4. James Woodard, 6’3 Shooting Guard, Edmond Memorial, Previous Ranking: 13
What makes this 6 foot 3 guard so special is he can impact the game in so many ways, he is a true stat sheet stuffer. Blessed with great quickness, long arms and good hops, he uses a high motor to be all over the court on the defense. When needed Woodard can score points by driving. While his jumper is shaky he is developing it and has shown off the ability to extend out to NBA range. Woodard is a jack of all trades but a master of none.
Strength: Versatility on offense and defense
Weakness: Not a single dominant trait
Player Comparison: Former Oklahoma player, Tony Crocker

5. Jake Bullard, 6’5 Small Forward, Vinita, Previous Ranking: 5
Bullard is an unknown to many in the state due to his play for his smaller schooler tucked away in the northeastern corner of the state but his play is anything but small. He is a prototypical wing at 6 foot 5 and has the offensive skills to back it up. Bullard is a sweet shooter from the midrange game with the ability to catch and shoot off screens or hit the pull up jumper. Improved handles and athleticism are the only two holes in his game.
Strength: Can score in multiple ways
Weakness: Handles
Player Comparison: Former Gonzaga Bulldog, Adam Morrison

6. Revey Norton, 6’1 Combo Guard, Tulsa Central, Previous Ranking: 7
Norton is the east side’s answer to Nino Jackson. Norton is the top athlete in the Tulsa area and is an explosive scorer. The athletic combo guard needs to start refining his point guard skills as he is not tall enough or good enough of a shooter to get away with being a full time shooting guard at the next level.
Strengths: Athletic ability, scoring
Weakness: Point guard skills
Comparison: Former Tulsa player Dante Swanson

7. Matt Christiansen, 6’8 Power Forward, Bishop McGuiness, Previous Ranking:2
Christiansen is a technically sound strong four man who does his best work near the basket. Christiansen can disappear at times though and allow smaller defenders to take him out of the equation on offense. He is at his best when he puts his hard hat on and does the dirty work down low.
Strengths: Strong body with sound low post game.
Weakness: Consistency
Comparison: Missouri St player Will Creekmore

8. C.J. Cole, 6’7 Power Forward, Sperry, Previous Ranking: 6
Cole is one of the hardest workers around the basket in the state. His work on the glass is similar to 2010 Oklahoma player of the year Ryan Spangler. Cole does not have a sound back to basket game but he can step out and hit the occasional free throw line jumper. He may not be the most skilled big man but his game is built on power not flash.
Strengths: Lunch pail mentality
Weakness: Skilled game
Comparison: Former Tulsa player Michael Ruffin

9. Jacob Bittle, 6’3 Point Guard, Bixby, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Bittle is a tall point guard who sees the court well and controls the game. He is a pass first point but has the ability to score when needed with the ability to knock the mid range and three point jumper.
Strengths: Floor general abilities
Weakness: Aggressiveness when look for his shot
Comparison: Former Gonzaga player Blake Stepp

10. Cal Andrews, 6’5 Small Forward, Washington, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Andrews is a post in high school but he has the three point shot and body type to make the transition to a mid major small forward. He is a good shooter who can stretch the floor and then go by bigger defenders and finish inside. The big question is if he will able to handle college perimeter players as he does not get many chances
Strengths: Shooting, length
Weakness: Experience on the perimeter.
Comparison: Former Kansas player, Brandon Moringtsar

11. Joe Edmonds, 6’4 Small Forward, Bishop McGuiness, Previous Ranking: 10
Edmonds is a player who is pigeon holed as a shooter but he often finds ways to impact the game in a variety of ways. He is an intangible guy who’s willingness to do the dirty work raises his value.

12. Mike Onuaha, 6’7 Power Forward, Edmond Santa Fe, Previous Ranking: 14
Big Mike is not the most skilled player but his athletic ability makes up for that. Onuaha is strong, quick footed and is quick off the floor. He is the chance to be the premier shot blocker in the state this upcoming year.

13. Corbin Byford, 6’7 Combo Forward, Velma-Alma, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Byford is stuck in-between positions as he lacks the height to be a true four but his feet are too heavy to be a full time three. He is a good athlete though that needs to learn how to finish against stronger and bigger defenders. Byford can also stretch defenses with his jumper.

14. Tavionne Pennon, 6’4 Small Forward, P.C. West, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Pennon plays much bigger then his 6 foot 4 size due to long arms and craftiness around the hoop. He is quicker than he is fast and uses that to his advantage down low. With an improved outside game he could reach the top 10.

15. Aaron Anderson, 6’3 Shooting Guard, Edmond Santa Fe, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Anderson has a college ready body and athleticism but his shooting and ability to finish in traffic are holding him back.

16. L.J. Ross, 6’7 Power Forward, Victory Christian, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Ross is one of the top posts on the East Side of the state, who has the chance to jump up the rankings with an improved low post game.

17. Phabian Glasco, 6’6 power forward, Tulsa Washington, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Glasco has only been playing basketball for a few years but he understands his role of protecting the rim and crashing the glass. He is starting to add a mid range jumper to his game.

18. Delvonte Pierre, 6’2 Shooting Guard, Lawton, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Pierre is one of the top shooters in the state who is starting diversify his game so he can have more of an impact when his shot isn’t falling.

19. Garrett Hermanski, 6’3 Shooting Guard, Edmond Deer Creek: Previous Ranking: 9th
One of the more prolific scorers in the state, Hermanski is getting some interest from Ivy League schools due to good academics.

20. Jared Griffin, 6’2 Shooting Guard, Duncan, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Griffin is three sport athlete who uses his speed and jumping ability to get to the basket and excel in transition.

21. Garrett Butler, 6’1 Sooting Guard, Burlington, Previous Ranking: 15th
A high level shooter who uses his shooting ability to create dribble drive opportunities.

22 Ehron Ponds, 6’1 Point Guard, Tulsa Edison, Previous Ranking: Unranked
An excellent ballhandler and shooter, Ponds can excel at two positions.

23. Cody Crase, 5’11 Combo Guard, Jenks, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Crase is undersized but has the range on his shot that extends beyond the NBA three point line, making him an always dangerous weapon.

24. Caleb Creighton, 6’3 Small Forward, OKC Northeast, Previous Ranking: Unranked
A super athlete who could jump up the rankings with better perimeter skills.

25. Joe Summers, 6’1 Point Guard, Putman City North, Previous Ranking: Unranked
Floor general who can stretch the defense with a proficient long rang shot.

Best of the Rest
Paco Jones, 6’4 SF, Northwest Classen
Terrell Savala, 6’4 SF, Edmond Santa Fe
Chirs Bates, 6’5 PF, Tulsa Central
Jamil Donovan, 5’8 PG, Northwest Classen
Jerry Owens, 6’8 PF, Tulsa East Central
Sean Young, 6’10 C, Bixby
Sedrick Johnosn, 6’1 SG, Union
Kaleb Porter, 5’9 PG, Tulsa East Central
Phonix Billis, 6’3 SG, Edmond Santa Fe
D.J. Mahone, 6’3 SF, Tulsa Central
Ryan Radcliff, 6’0 PG, Forgan
Rhett Radcliff, 6’0 SG, Forgan
T.J. Noel, 5’11 PG, Midwest City
Yuri Hagar, 6’7 PF, Union
Denton Hayes, 6’6 PF Jenks
Phillip Leonard, 6’0 PG Union
Will Brewer, 6’4 SG, OKC Southeast
Josh Santos, 6’7, PF, Norman North
Conner Madole, 6’5 SF, Norman
Kevin House, 5’8 PG, Putnam City West
Clay Bennett, 6’8 PF, Casady
Phillip Leonard, 6’2 SG, Tulas Union
Kendale Davis 6′ Sapulpa
Cedric Johnson 6’1 Tulsa Union
Nash Chamberlain, 6, G, Vinita
Jake Peace, 6’1 CG, Vinita
Demontray Mitchell, 5’10 PG, John Marshall
James Shaw 6’3 SF, Mustang
Stephen Herd, 6’4 PF, Del City
Wayne Jackson, 6’4 PF, Millwood
Da Da Carolina 5’10 PG, Centennial
Gabe Houston, 5’8 PG, Northeast
Dondre Brookins, 5’8 PG, Carl Albert
Darrious Johnson, 6’4 SF, Wellston
Clifvonte Smitherman 6’4 PF, McAlester
Jacob Smith 6’3 SG, Blair
Anthony Simmons 5’1 PG, Wilson
Anthony Hartfield, 5’11 SG, U.S. Grant
Jordan Thomas 6’3 Wing Edmond Memorial
Brandon Brantley 5’11 PG, Tulsa Washington
Alex McGuire 6’1 SG Tulsa Kelly
Daylon Wilkins, 6’6 C Ardmore
Travis Galbreath 5’9 PG, Ardmore
Cody Gross 6’1 SG, Guthrie
Dillon Mooreland 6’4 SF, Shawnee
Darnel Embry 6’4 Wing, Prague