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Default Lon's Press Conference

OU has the worst basketball beat coverage on the planet. First off, OU basketball recruiting information is dang near impossible to come by. There are no blogs, no sites, nothing of any sort that gives any recruiting information. So they have around 13 minutes and they ask ONE question about Bijan Cortes. The other questions are about the transfers and COVID COVID COVID. Today was the first day of the early signing period. The transfers have been here awhile. Covid's been here a long time and been beat to death. I can think of a TON of questions to ask about numbers, prospects, positions, future plans, etc. Pathetic. Thanks guys! You managed to get Lon to answer questions any average OU basketball fan has known, and known for awhile! Sheesh
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Default Re: Lon's Press Conference

Couldnít agree more. The lack of coverage is a joke. I suspect itís the papers, not the reporters, that are at fault. But it is embarrassing compared to how other Big 12 schools are covered.
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Default Re: Lon's Press Conference

It’s embarrassing. The DOK is a complete rag these days and only covers the Thunder. Local radio is worse.
If asked they will say there isn’t interest. There is interest we just don’t get the information. In the old days you could say I’ll drop the DOK and get the Tulsa World or Dallas Morning News which isn’t available here anymore. Also the circulation is already so low they don’t care what we do.
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Default Re: Lon's Press Conference

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Default Re: Lon's Press Conference

That article says Harmon has to improve his 3 point %. It would be nice, but he shot it well last year. His biggest areas for improvement are:

Finishing/drawing fouls in the lane

More consistent passing - his vision is great, but his touch was inconsistent. Throwing it low to the bigs or hard and high to a cutter.
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