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Default Re: Softball

Originally Posted by bob the nailer View Post
Why should bad calls be a part of the game? Baseball has begun using replay on a limited basis, why not softball. If they are worried about the game being too long, how about trimming the ridiculous number of commercials and time between innings. I love the CWS but the time between innings is torture if you are at the game. But if the technology exists to be sure that egregiously bad calls do not occur, it's time to use it.

Say it's the bottom of the seventh, Sooners batting, trail UCLA 5-4, bases loaded two outs, alo on third, clifton on second, knighten on first. Game 3 of the CWS championship series, tied 1 game each
Sidney hits a scorching shot to left center, the left fielder dives, its a close play, she's called out, game over right- but replay clearly shows she trapped it. Too bad, bad break bad call part of the game? No way. Fixable mistakes should be fixed
To each his own. I am not a supporter of replay in any sport. I consider all games a contest of human execution and human error of which officiating is just one aspect. I want to keep all of the human element in the game. The evolution of replay will be virtually everything is reviewed with the advancement of technology and desire of some for officiating to be without error. Rather than have selective replay which is subjective I say have no replay.

Replay in its present form continually has diagreement on what conclusive beyond a reasonable doubt so only occasionally does replay resolve the issue. Hire the best officials available and let them make the calls. I think that is best for the game. JMHO.
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Default Re: Softball

Updated national statistical rankings through 3-24-19

Batting Average---------1---------0.368
Earned Run Average----1---------1.13
Fielding Percentage-----3---------0.984
Doubles per Game------8---------1.84
Triples per Game--------T-128----0.16
Home Runs per game---3---------1.77
Slugging Percentage----2---------0.654
Stolen Bases per Game-T-139----1.00
WL Percentage----------3---------0.935
Strikeout-to-Walk Ratio-3---------6.28
Double Plays per Game-176------0.26

OU has 7 starters with a BA of .383-.437, 5-11 HR's and 20-31 rbi's. 8 starters have an OBP of .439-.536 and a SLG% of .623-.835. That is very balanced hitting that makes for big innings. Five starters have a higher SLG% than Jocelyn Alo's .638. Our 3 pitchers with starts have a 0.88, 1.01 and 1.43 era's. Team era is 1.13. Last year it was 1.12 for the season.


The Sooners continue to play outstanding softball in every facet of the game.
Whether you think you can or think that you can't, you are usually right. Henry Ford.

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Default Re: Softball

I wouldn't mind seeing a replay review in the CWS, although I'm not as impressed by the camera work in softball as in pro baseball or pro football. We don't always get the views that we need since we don't really pay for highly professional crews. But, some of the biggest problems arise from within those replay booths, e.g., Oregon football when an Oregon booster was allowed to make the calls that turned a game into a disgrace.

But, a large part of softball officiating is non-reviewable. Strikes and balls are not reviewable, and the zone is often a very defining issue in a game. An umpire may take a pitch away from a pitcher. Whether an umpire gives a pitcher the low pitch may define her ability to control the strike zone. Similarly, some get the rise ball called a strike. Others not. The one that seems to have more variability is the corner. It may disappear for one pitcher as opposed to the other. There is no way to combat a changing zone. That 72-73 mph fastball at the knees was not called for Paige last year in the CWS. She was more at risk if she had to bring it up six inches. I can remember one umpire who refused to call Keilani's cropduster.

Every pitch involves the strike zone, and it is nonreviewable.
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