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Default Re: Depaul

Could not get any thing but the running play on the stat thing. So it is hard to reach many conclusions. But a few.

At this time it is apparent that we are a 6 deep team. Very few minutes for Simpson, EJ and Penzo. How do you end up with only 9 scholarship players when you have 15 available.

Don't know what went wrong defensively but when you score 98 points in regulation you should win. We allowed 45 three point attempts and at one stretch gave up five consecutive scores on layups. Looks like if you can't control both the outside and inside you should control at least one of them.

We can't afford for our seniors to commit most of the turnovers in any game.

Apparently we were strong offensively. Watching the highlights Pellington's layups were legit as far as skill and she will hit those against anyone. She has great elevation and shoots them with a good angle and with nifty moves. Some of our other players go pell mell for the hoop and end up shooting heavily guarded and from bad angles.

I think Pellington will eventually start at point because we need Maddie at the 4.
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Default Re: Depaul

Originally Posted by TheMont View Post
Ya know, holding an opponent to 42% from the 3-point line isn't good but it isn't TERRIBLE. The fact that they attempted 45 3s is objectively wild. I highly doubt we see anything like that for the rest of the year.
I disagree with this part... Depual has had the same game for the last few seasons, knowing they were going to shoot 3's and letting them get a whooping 45 attempts off, is poor scouting by OU...
“The area you recruit from often has to do with the level your program has reached,” said Auriemma
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Default Re: Depaul

Mac, not only poor scouting, but poor adjustments during the game. After they were 4 for 4 from the arc, there should have been more emphasis on switching all screens and sticking with their assignments. I could only hear the game and watch the live stats, so I don't know how difficult the screens were to get through. I am almost of the opinion to guard the arc aggressively and take chances in the paint, at least try something different. I am not going to throw the baby out with the bath water after 2 games. I don't think we will see anything like this the rest of the season, except maybe West Virginia.

I really do like this team. It is apparent that we are going to be strong 7 deep, with EJ maybe getting better as the season moves on to maybe give us 8. The kids will learn from this, its nice to see we have penetrators that we haven't seen in a while. I'll wait til after the Oregon game to see where we are at. It will be a good idea where this team sits before the end of non-conference and how we might fare with Texas our first conference game.
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Default Re: Depaul

Pellington is the future I think. So explosive.

Ana is good, but really just a slightly quicker Dungee if you asked me. Will have a great career but not as good as Shaina.

I like the talent of this team. If they can put this together and bring the young ones up to speed quickly we could be really good. I think we actually have roles this season, where as the last 2-3 years we really had no idea. We will benefit from that- our record may not be better as I could see some losses earlier- but I think we’ll be great by the tournament- time will tell.
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