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Thunder, Dolphins, Braves because TBS, and of course Sooners. Not a hockey fan.
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I grew up cheering only for the Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys. I didn't have an MLB team or an NBA team (I liked the OKC Blazers for a year or two back when Jim Lorentz was their star player -- haven't cared about hockey since).

Now I'm a Mets fans, but still don't have a backetball team -- I pull for any team with a former Sooner on it, but not avidly so. I follow former Sooners in the NFL, and am still a Cowboys fan, but by no means a rabid one. I'd trade their whole season for a single Sooners win.
“When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.”
—Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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Originally Posted by BoulderSooner View Post
cough cough cough the LA RAMS have been pretty miserable

(i was not a st louis rams fan)
With the exception of about 5 years of GSOT, the Rams were dreadful in St Louis. Fisher was a nightmare.
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The Athletic has a Q&A with the Big 12 coaches today and one question was which players on their roster they think have the most potential for a breakout season. Lon said Williams and Kur. It’s obviously not unusual for coaches to say good things about players in the summer, but I was still interested to hear who he pointed to because there were several candidates. It’s a fun column to read for any of you subscribers.
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