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Originally Posted by Sweetest OU Girl View Post
You always think everything is a conspiracy.

I am saying that playing most non-conference games on the road - especially with a mostly freshman team - is foolish. Those stats I showed are a clear explanation as to why that is a fact.

How many games have you seen in the past 5 years where a team had 6 players foul out?

Why is the conference making OU play all these Big-12 vs. SEC games on the road? The teams from Texas are not having to do that. That is why several teams left when the conference office was moved to Dallas. It is not actually about the women's team though. We should have left the Big-12 several years ago when it was imploding - as it still is.
I don't think there is any conspiracy, you the one that said
"The Big-12 has taken a firm stand against us, and our athletic administrators have yet to stand up for a fair chance for our kids. Shameful!!"
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This is the 5th year of the Big 12-SEC Challenge. We have played one true road game {Kentucky}. We have played one true home game {Florida}. The other 2 were Arkansas at Little Rock and A&M at OKC. It is our turn tp play on the road. Next year will be a home game. The remainder of the non conference schedule is done by OU, not the conference. NO CONSPIRACY.
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I have been a season ticket holder for 19 years. I would be happy if every game was in Norman. However, I think playing these non conference games away from home helps when conference time rolls around.
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Jay Williams brought up how the Duke men never play road games because they can sale a lot of tickets for there home games, with the way some of the home games have been looking the past few seasons for OU wbb games, maybe they choose to play most of the games on the road, not sure how it works though...
“The area you recruit from often has to do with the level your program has reached,” said Auriemma
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At LNC it works were about 25%-35% of tickets sold are used come game time. The real exceptions are O-State, Baylor and Texas. Of late it has been getting worse each year.
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Conspiracy, probably not. Bias, certainly. Rival Garden Clubs are biased for an against members of their own vs other garden clubs. It plays out in well over half of the basketball games that there is some element of favoritism, usually for a home team. Stars are also protected. I don't know if it could be called intentional. It appears to be with specific officials.

A bias doesn't mean that you are 100% biased. You may be a baseball umpire who tends to give a pitcher known for excellent control a pitch that is pretty close to the corner, whereas someone with a reputation for wildness almost has to hit the middle of the plate to get a strike call. Is it always biased? It may just be to 55%. Ever seen a pitch that is six inches off the plate called a strike?

I think there is a bias indicated by some officials for the arguments of male vs female coaches. They may tolerate something that would draw a technical if it were a female. Not always. Just sometimes.

Big Twelve bias. I won't go through the history of the SWC and Texas. But, if you remember, when Boren made a complaint about the officiating in the Oregon/OU game that was obviously biased, the Big Twelve commissioner said that Boren should shut up. On the other hand, the Pacific Twelve Commissioner apologized to Boren and OU. I have always thought less of the U. Oregon president since he didn't apologize. I suspect that if it had been Texas or Baylor, the Big Twelve Commissioner would have supported the objections to the Oregon game officials.

Everything isn't equal, even if we have tried.
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