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Default Re: OU vs Utah State from Myrtle Beach 2pm CST on ESPN2

I would rather see comments on the play and performances of the team and the players than a full page debate on whether posters should be able to complain about officiating.

But I do sometimes complain about the officiating and if I believe there are bad calls I will say so.

Some officials are very good and others not so much.

Some want the game to be about them. See that more at the professional level but I remember one official that called OU games a lot that was a real showboat. And the TV people constantly talked him up as a great official. I thought he was mediocre at best.

Other officials are intimidated by home crowds and some coaches. And some coaches are expert at doing that. Digger Phelps of Notre Dame was the best I have ever seen to use body language to show absolute distain of officials. Never got technicals because he was smart enough to keep his mouth shut. But he was very effective at bringing a home crowd down of the officials. Gary Blair complained about every call against his team regardless of how egregious the foul and sure enough the officials often backed off and let the play get rougher rather than call constant fouls. Iowa State fans raise hell about every call against their teams.

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Default Re: OU vs Utah State from Myrtle Beach 2pm CST on ESPN2

That was one of the reasons I didn't hang around much last couple of years during games.
I don't know how bad it is now but in the past it seem like every other post was crying about the officials and if you said anything about it you instantly became a non OU fan and things went downhill from there...I know just all fans of teams do it but it got really bad here. Anyway, I know it is early and hard to really say but the team looks like there more to build on during the year than last.

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Default Re: OU vs Utah State from Myrtle Beach 2pm CST on ESPN2

I didnít care for some of the officiating but we lost because we didnít make shots and Utah state did. We didnít execute our offense in the last 4-5 minutes and Utah state did. Thatís it. Hopefully, this will be a learning experience and the team can grow from this and get better. The Big12 is a meat grinder and we have to play better to survive and advance.
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