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Default Re: Buzz Williams/National Anthem Respect

Originally Posted by BoulderSooner View Post
this is such garbage
Actually, it isn't.

The Greeks had "democracy." Of course, it was limited to the landowners who were members of the Senate. England had the Magna Carta, but it was simply a redistribution of power from the monarch to include the various dukes. At the foundation of this country, probably the biggest argument that we had was that of slavery, other than whether we should leave England in the first place. There is little doubt that Madison, Adams, and Jefferson saw slavery as a less than desirable phenomenon. We were not a "true democracy," much as the post by MsProud indicates. At the time, many didn't even intend for non-land-owning white males to vote. It was best described as equal rights for the planter class.

They began the process of working towards democracy. Every step has had opposition. Whether it was the slaves, the Chinese that were imported to build railroads, the Irish and Italians, or the Hispanics, many of whom lived here long before we signed a Declaration, we opposed extending the rights of citizenship at every step. We had a "democracy" for a hundred thirty years before we extended women the rights of citizenship.

We are still a work in progress. Fortunately, they did see that coming. They did provide a way to amend what they had done. They knew that they had only the foundation, not the completed system. I think Jefferson would be quite proud of what has been accomplished. We have probably gone beyond his dream, but have not yet achieved democracy.
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Default Re: Buzz Williams/National Anthem Respect

Originally Posted by skyvue View Post
You don't think women who serve in the military are deserving of our respect and gratitude?
That's definitely not what I was saying. Same goes for Buzz.
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