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Default Re: The Sooner Nation demands an apology, sys.

Originally Posted by goEMAW Administrator View Post
On behalf of goEMAW.com, we apologize for sys's conduct. He has been banned.
He should meet the same fate here if he refuses to apologize. This board has not been, nor should it ever be, accepting of hurtful remarks about a young man's death that ripped at the hearts of the people who loved him. I don't care what Box did to generate that kind of response on goEMAW. Sys was wrong, and he needs to admit it!

That said, your post makes me feel a lot better about the web site you represent. Apology accepted.

Originally Posted by Branson Bound View Post
Hey, guys. I would like to let you know that while most of what you linked was classless, not all of us Wildcat fans are that way. Drugs are horrible and I pray for everyone who takes them.

This is why I'm so proud to have Bill Snyder coaching my Kansas State Wildcats. With his guidance, and the thoughts and prayers of fans like myself and others, I don't recall a single Wildcat football player ever dying from drugs. Jerks make the world go round. Maybe instead of getting angry at people who are mean, you should pray for those that you love and care about so they don't end up like Mr. Box.
Fine post, Branson Bound. I think most of us know that not all Cat fans are like those who chose to bash Box on goEMAW. Fatty4KSU has been a favorite on this board for years. He's a stand-up guy with a unique sense of humor that nearly everyone enjoys. Even Sys was thought to be a good poster prior to this incident. I'm just as upset with his arrogance in the face of criticism, than anything he said on another board.

While I agree with what you said about prayer, which is something we all need. I also believe that unkind words designed to be cute and flippant, should not be tolerated under any circumstances, especially when they have the potential to hurt family members and friends of a young man who died tragically only hours earlier. That thread, and the post Sys and several others made, is a sad commentary on what far too many fan boards have become in recent years.
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Default Re: The Sooner Nation demands an apology, sys.

apologize sys. it's a stupid comment.
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Default Re: The Sooner Nation demands an apology, sys.

"But I know some of the qualities of the coach I would pick. Somebody that doesn't mind working, a coach that's going to bring a fresh mindset and help us all get better as basketball players as well as men. A coach that has all our best interests at heart."

-Romero Osby
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