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Default mike leach

you ask why im talking about mike leach on an ou message board. that my friends is a very fair question. but the real question is who could score more points an ou basketball team or a mike leach coached team. valid question i agree.

positives of ou bball...our time of possesion ratio is favorable in comparison to that of lets say for the sake of arguement techs.

positives of ole tech.....well they can score. they understand the plays. they look sharp. they dont look confused. everyones not scared to make a play.

alright now that weve done a mini analysis and asked a few questions lets answer them with a question. "would mike leach come to be the mens basketball offensive coordinator or head coach?"

btw if anyone screws with him aka bspn he'll bringem to court. that gives you that hardnosed feeling we're looking for
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Default Re: mike leach

Dumbest thread ever.
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Default Re: mike leach

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