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Default Re: Osu

Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
I don’t get why some OU fans care that OSU got “screwed”. If I were to agree OSU got screwed, isn’t that a good thing? What about all the years of the law cal media promoting OSU basketball on lies and myths at the expense of OU basketball. OSU getting “screwed” doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Those people would celebrate in the streets of OU got screwed. The local media would rejoice.

I sure didn't feel a bit bad about it. That may be illogical to some, but I saw their true colors back in the fall of '74 when I was invited to go to a football game up there. They were more into being hateful toward OU on regional TV than they were into the game that day with Colorado. Fittingly, CU won.

I only had a couple of close friends who went there, and neither went to OSU out of high school. And one of those was really an OU fan who went there for a year out of feeling obligated because of his older siblings being Aggy alumni. So I have no guilt about their collective plight.

I'm also already sick of the notion that it was a final choice by the selection committee between OU and OSU, and it was thus some sort of major injustice foist upon the honorable Ag boys. If they were only a two-seed in the NIT, they weren't even that close to getting in as an at-large NCAA team.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if they blew the FGCU game and naturally blamed us for it.
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Default Re: Osu

Been going to OU sports since the mid-60’s - football, basketball, baseball, etc. Hate osu in everything and hope they lose every game in every sport they play. From the times I’ve been up there, the feeling with them is very mutual.
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Default Re: Osu

Originally Posted by steverocks35 View Post
I didn't hate OSU until I started working with several OSU fans. They were the most obnoxious, hateful fans of any sports team I had ever met. They literally enjoyed an OU loss more than an OSU win. If OU lost and OSU lost I would come to work and get grilled relentlessly. One guy, when OSU beat OU in football blew up a picture of the scoreboard to poster size and hung it in his office. One negative word about OSU caused him to fly into a fury. It caused me to hope that OSU loses every single game in every sport forever. It's been my experience that their fans are mostly trash.
Yes to all of the above. I was raised to cheer for both state teams (though we were decidedly an OU family), and I sort of did, halfheartedly. But my dealings with oswho fans over the years have made them my least favorite program. I could happily cheer for any school against them -- texas, Notre Dame, you name it. Their fans are the lowest of the low.

I don't hate them outside the arena of sports -- I don't hate anyone -- but in the world of sports, they can't lose often enough to suit me.
“When most people say they are being 'realistic,' they delude themselves; they are simply being negative.”
—Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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I don’t care one bit. 2 seed in NIT. Hahahahaha.

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Default Re: Osu

Originally Posted by Sooner81 View Post
I’m telling you al OSU did Not get screwed. I listened to radio all day and them homering for OSU saying this. And all they did was point out beating KU twice and WV on the road. BUT NO ONE points out they lost at home to WV and got swept home and away by KSU/Baylor/TCU and had a sucky non conference schedule. Yes they played Ard and Wichita state but got beat by both and we beat Wichita State AT THEIR PLACE and USC and Oregon in Oregon. DUH is all I say, OSU got what they deserved and someone earlier posted they were 5-5 in their last 10 and 6-8 in their last 14. That’s nothing to scream about. They should have fun in the NIT and learn to play a tougher schedule and win a few of them LOL.
Not to nitpick, but that's not their place. They've never played more than 1 game a year at Intrust.
" I believe that the pat on the back is one of the greatest motivating factors we have. Of course, occasionally, that pat has to be a little lower & a little harder."

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Default Re: Osu

Grew up a Sooner fan from almost birth. Attended first games in the '50's and was student at OU in the early '60's. Back then with such limited TV my college buddies and I would frequently would go to Stoolwater when the Sooners were playing on the road and root strongly for the pukes. They were a state school.

But after living about a decade with puke fans screaming for an OU loss twice as loud as they did for a puke win (I labeled it Sooner Syndrome) I learned that nothing good for pukesville was good for OU. Hence I always want them to lose at everything to everyone unless they play Texas then I assess which team's loss is best for OU's immediate future and cheer accordingly.
Whether you think you can or think that you can't, you are usually right. Henry Ford.
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Default Re: Osu

I think it's great that the "basketball school" got screwed. Agree with those who never root for them, even against the horns--at least UT is a legitimate institution.

The year after the Boise Fiesta Bowl some osu fans set up on OU's campus with a Boise St. tailgate tent and wearing BSU sweatshirts. Just in case anyone thinks osu is anything but worthless...
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Default Re: Osu

stadium is about half full...granted it's prob spring break...but for all their complaining not much support for tonight's game
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Default Re: Osu

I would imagine it's difficult to get to a game in stillwater at 8:30 on a Tuesday with in 2 days notice. Most people have jobs, kids, and other things already scheduled
"I've got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end." - Larry Bird

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