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Default DePaul

35 Mart'E Grays 6-2 Jr F 14.36 PT 4.79 REB
10 Amarah Coleman 5-11 Sr G 12.39 PT 4.24 REB
22 Chante Stonewall 6-1 SOPH F 10.61 PT 5.42 REB
20 Kelly Campbell 5-10 SOPH G 10.45 PT 8.82 REB
1 Ashton Millender 5-8 Jr G 13.64 PT

24 Tanita Allen 5-10 Jr G 9.06 PT 4.05 REB
5 Laura Prochaska 5-8 Sr G 4.90 PT
31 Deja Cage 5-8 Soph G 4.35PT
23 Dee Bekelja 5-8 Fr G 2.86 PT

Assists: Coleman 106, Campbell 189,Procheaska 110
42.24% Millender
39.36 % Stonewall
36,53% Grays
35.19% Prochaska
34.93% Campbell

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Default Re: DePaul

Sherri was not at all happy with how we defended the 3 in the first half of the last game vs TCU. We did better on that in the 2nd half.
DePaul scorched us with the 3 ball in our early season meeting. I'm sure taking it away will be the focus, so hopefully we can execute well defensively.
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Default Re: DePaul

And the upperclassman have to suite up and show up !! Except Vivi, who does show up. And the last game Pellington had a great game.......

Lost in OT 111-108 on Depaul's home court. Heck of a game, it was.
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Default Re: DePaul

By and large we have not been very good at defending the three. I have noticed that we specialize in guarding from 4 feet away and back. Puzzles me.
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Oliver Hardy
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Default Re: DePaul

Just don't go out there and put up a clunker as you have done so many times this season.

Play hard, smart and aggressive. Do that and no one will be upset because none of us really have any expectations left at this point.

We are what we are. We can win. We can lose.

Let's see how tough, aggressive and smart you are, ladies, when it's all on the line in one single game.
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Default Re: DePaul

TO: DePaul 458 OKLA 466
St: DePaul 273 OKLA 244
BK: DePaul 85 OKLA 140

Other than against OU, DePaul only scored 100 points in the next game
110 Delaware State 71. From there:
98 Marquette 63 Conference title game
95 Marquette 83 at home
92 Northwestern 63 at NW

They aren't as explosive as they appeared to us. They hit 19 three-pointers against us. They did that once again, against Seton Hall. They had an extra 25 minutes against us.Typically, they hit 12.06 of 33.42 from three. They took 45 against us, hitting 19.

I get the impression that nobody blocks shots in their conference.
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Default Re: DePaul

For me it is very simple. If the Seniors will play because this is it for them, they lay it all on the floor, which Vivi will, and bust their butts guarding the three, this team should win the first game. If they play like the first half of TCU at the Big XII, I will probably turn them off and not watch any more of the tournament and hope for next year. This should be what Maddie, Gabbi, LaNesia, and Vivi have been waiting for. Time to show up and play.
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Default Re: DePaul

6"2"? How does vivi not score 30?
Unless of course she gets two quick fouls and sits for 14 min in the first half
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Default Re: DePaul

I think that we may have been the best game that DePaul played. They were hitting from three. At the time, I don't think our freshmen guards had the idea of defense yet. Hopefully, they do now. But, our primary problem will be to avoid fouling in the first half. We don't need to. Don't force the action. I think we can beat them at their game.

Maddie had a good game. They really didn't have anyone to contend with her height. I think Shaina can blow past them, but, please, not over them. They can't begin to contend with Vivi. But, she must remain foul-free. Do not reach in. Do not run over.

Their best rebounder is a 5-10 guard. Block out? They have a bunch of people that get 4-5 rebounds per game. Get the rebound. I don't think DePaul can stay with us if we run.

Their schedule has been fairly soft. We are probably their best win. I doubt we will be starting Mandy Simpson Friday.
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Default Re: DePaul

Exactly! We lost when Simpson was a starter and our other two freshmen (although shaina played well) hadn't figured it all out yet. I think we are much better on defense now than we were in our second game of the year and we have the height advantage. Like everyone has said, if we stay out of foul trouble we have this game in our hands. And like everyone, I agree, it's going to be up to ALL of our seniors and if they decide to show up and play their hearts out. I'd like to just see ONE game this year where all of them play with all of their hearts and leave everything on the floor. Our defense was non-existent the first time around so I see us winning this one by I'll venture to say 7 points.

But all of that being said, these seniors have been, if anything, unpredictable, so there are no guaranteed wins with this group. We have the potential to go Sweet Sixteen, but could very likely lose the first game. We will see what these seniors have left in them Friday!
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Default Re: DePaul

The question, of course, is how much has DePaul improved since that first meeting?
"It's not the critic who counts..." - Teddy Roosevelt
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Default Re: DePaul

Historically the #5 seed beats the #12 seed 79.5% of the time. I personally think the guys chances of winning are much greater than 1 in 5. Now we just need to beat the odds.

Whether you think you can or think that you can't, you are usually right. Henry Ford.
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Default Re: DePaul

COLLEGE STATION — Oklahoma women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale remembered the tremble in freshman guard Shaina Pellington’s voice as she asked if there was still a way to make the NCAA Tournament. It was January.

On Monday, the Sooners (16-14) found themselves on the right side of the bubble for the 19th consecutive time.

OU, which is a 12 seed, faces No. 5 seed DePaul (26-7) in the first-round at 11 a.m. Friday at Reed Arena. The game will be televised on ESPN2.

The teams met Nov. 13, with DePaul senior guard Amarah Coleman sinking a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to give the Blue Demons a 111-108 win.
Happy to share Tulsa World's best OU articles/galleries/etc. Please e-mail questions for reporters to web@tulsaworld.com
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