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Default Maori Davenport


I hadn't heard about this until tonight. Stupid bureaucrat needs to lose his job.
The pessimist may be right in the long run, but the optimist has a better time during the trip.

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Default Re: Maori Davenport

Totally agree! Not surprising though. Pathetic.
If you spent half as much time in defending the team you claim to support, posters here might actually believe you're an OU fan. You're all over any mention of ............., but rarely say anything good about the Sooners. Even when you do, you're quick to throw in a backhanded positive to dilute its impact.
...They are never around to support the team during good times but they never miss an opportunity to complain.
Some people think being negative makes them sound like an expert.
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Default Re: Maori Davenport

This is truly the worst. I could see if she stole a check or something, but it was USAB's fault, not hers. She repaid the money close to immediately after discovering the mistake, yet she is still ruled ineligible. Pathetic.
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Default Re: Maori Davenport

Self-important people like this should be fired! Sounds like the guy is on a power trip.
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Default Re: Maori Davenport

She played last Friday. Was that a temporary injunction or has she been reinstated for good?
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