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Default Re: 9 Days and Counting.

Originally Posted by womenssports View Post
And you do? So behind closed doors, she didn't share the ball? And I wasn't there and don't claim to know and I imagine the ones that were do not all perceive it the same. No one person is usually totally responsible. Ou had as large, if not larger obligation than she to make it work. ..whether she was on scholarship or not, whether playing a sport or not. That is true of the responsibility of the university to all students. Why do you have to make it personal about some players. ..such as in this instance she didn't share the ball. My statements regarding that I still stand by. Edit: will add she seemed to have fine relationship with other players, in Jan and or Feb. That would seem to tell something.
It wasn''t that fine. The players tried.
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Default Re: 9 Days and Counting.

As Spock points out, you are speculating. If you have an impeccable source, then say so. I'm not asking you to name the person. Just say "I've been told by someone within the program, the athletic department" or some such.

If you are going to speculate, as you obviously are, then just admit it.

Your speculation may be correct -- or perhaps others who speculate Pellington was run off because she allegedly has a mouthy, interfering girlfriend, whom Sherri and the coaches didn't like -- or maybe just a girlfriend period was the reason.
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Default Re: 9 Days and Counting.

is this what's being said?? I hope that this is not the reason Shaina left. From what I could see on the court, she was selfish with the ball and tried to do too much too often, leading to constant turnovers. Some games she took over and won for us, some games she greatly contributed to us losing. It's tough to call. I just know i'd pull a player if she didn't change things she was failing at (dribbling into the trees and then throwing the ball to no one). The other side of the coin though, IMO, is was she really that much worse than any of the other duds out there on the court for us? The answer is no. So, maybe there is truth to the speculation on her bad attitude and maybe even the other external factors.

All I know is that I'm almost certain she will turn around and be successful at another university, like all of the others that have left. And that, to me, shows me SC might be the real problem.
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