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Sweetest OU Girl
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Default Re: Food For Thought

Originally Posted by gwydion View Post
I so enjoy laughing at Sweetest posts now. She has no clue on so much and yet vilifies all who dare to give her facts to show how she is wrong. Professional owners don't go by win/loss records. I mean they like to win but it is all about the bottom line.

And the reason so many concession stands are closed during OU events is it only takes about a quarter of them to serve the few who show up. No profit in opening concession stands that can't sell enough to cover the wages of those working it. So you consolidate and hope to get something out of the handful that do come.

Have you ever been to a women's basketball game at LNC? They don't always have all the concession stands open there either. Especially in November/December. I"m pretty sure they aren't all open for gymnastics either and as many if not more people go to women's gymnastics now then women's basketball. I'll check that out tomorrow night.
You guys are so defensive and uninformed. I have been to a large number of events at the Arena this year. If you sit on the 2nd deck (private box area) for the vast majority of them you have to go all the way down to the lower level to even get refreshments at many, many of the events (virtually none having anything to do with OU). If you ask the taxpayers to pay for the construction/remodeling of those concession stands (on that level) you have an obligation to have them open. If only the Thunder needs them, they should be able to dig into those vast profits some of you think they have to pay for what they - and generally only they - need.

I do not think the taxpayers need to support a private company that generates these huge profits and salaries you guys sing about. I simply do not believe in government welfare handouts to rich private businesses.

That is one of the reasons I support OU. they do not ask taxpayers to fund their private athletic activities out of government welfare.
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Default Re: Food For Thought

The second level is where the boxes are and those people have their food catered, they have no need of concessions. And what the second level has that the 1st and third don't is that big dining area that serves food that you can't get elsewhere in the arena. That's just on one side. I didn't bother walking completely around the second level, so don't know what they offer on the opposite side. Sound like to me you need to be catered at your seat. Buy courtside tickets and they'll take care of you there.
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