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Default Dungee

Chelsea Dungee averaging 18.2 points and 4.3 rebounds per game went off for 32 in a close game with South Carolina. Dungee who looks thinner than when at OU is leading the Razorbacks in scoring. She has also developed a great change of pace to get to the hoop.

And the hits just keep on coming.
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Default Dungee

Another kid that didn’t “fit” Sherri’s narrow player acceptability criteria because she allegedly was partying too much, acting like a normal 18-20 year old in college and so she transferred/got run off or whatever happened..

That’s been the persistent rumor ever since it happened anyway.

If someone know for certain what led to her transfer, other than that, please enlighten us all.

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Default Re: Dungee

1) the information from another board was that she wasn't fond of attending class, among other things.

2) I watched the game against SC. She showed much more energy than she showed here. The announcers said she has lost 35 pounds and feels better. She was all over the place with hustle when not tired. Was better after sitting out a quarter due to fouls, more energy.

3) She is scoring a lot, 17.5 ppg. The downside is that she is only shooting about 37% from the field and 30% from three. Only Ana is worse on our team. Her averages went up today a bit. She shoots a lot, as does Monk. She's all they have, and they love to score. When the court was a little open, she took it to SC. Later, when SC decided to play, they shut her down in the fourth quarter. I'm not sure she scored in the fourth.
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Default Re: Dungee

She would be the best player on the OU team this year. By far.
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Default Re: Dungee

Originally Posted by soonerstar View Post
She would be the best player on the OU team this year. By far.
Players at OU don’t lose weight
Were not running up the score, were just running plays for next weeks game.
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Default Re: Dungee

It was Dungee's choice to leave. Sherri gave her an ultimatum to adhere to team rules that her team mates were more than willing to do, she decided that wasn't for her and so she left to play for a coach that does not have strict disciplined rules. This is not speculation, this is from 3 of her former teammates. And that is the end of the story. Wish her success at her new home.
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Question Re: Dungee

Sounds suspiciously like an ego problem.
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