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Default All Big-12 Awards Announced

Taylor is all-Big 12 honorable mention.

Gabby is an unanimous selection to the all-freshman team.

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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

Some very interesting things pointed out by the Big-12 coaches.

1, Height is by far the most important criteria to be very good: 11 out of 15 (73%) on 1st and 2nd teams are 6' or taller. Virtually every starter in the league that is 6'4" or taller is listed. They are at least suggesting that we are reaching a place where there is no longer much of a place for girls who are under 6' in women's basketball. By itself that explains why we are so bad. We recruit almost exclusively short players. - for all positions. And the shorter they are - the more likely SC will actually play them.

2. 8 teams had players mentioned on 1st and 2nd teams. Only OU and Kansas left off. Kansas actually had no one mentioned anywhere - and they drummed us into the ground a few days ago.

3. 3 Point shooting is almost worthless. For example, Taylor is #1 in the US and is barely mentioned.

4. You must be tall to be a decent defensive player. 60% are 6'4" or taller.
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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

IMO this speaks volumes about how and what the other coaches and conference think of SC's team and program at this time.
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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

Great points, Sweetest.

Your point about good 3-point shooters being irrelevant is interesting. I think winning is more important. If T-Rob had exactly the same season except she played for Baylor, she would have a chance to be player of the year. KU and OU’s lack of representation on these lists is further proof that they value winning.
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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

Shows what other coaches think about Robertson's complete game
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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

Shows more what they think of the program.

Maddy should have at least been honorable mention. She improved a ton this year except for the turnovers.

The crappy half court offense and high turnover rate effects the entire team. That and the substitution madness.

Ana coming off injury starts the game on the bench but is in before the 18 minute mark and plays 25-30 minutes. What is bringing her off the bench for.

Murcer having a pair of good spells and starting the next game but out before the 17 minute mark and not to be seen again for games.

Robertson and Simpson, both of whom are not athletic, playing for 40 minutes if not in foul trouble.

Then I have felt for some time that Sherri plays favorites. I'm sure that Simpson and Tatum are great kids but neither have any business starting for a Div I team. I felt after the LSU win Sherri was more excited about Simpson's double-double than the win. Before them it was Gilly Penso and before that it was TiTi starting ahead of Gabbi Ortiz.

Although we lost in overtime to Kansas State it was probably the last decent game we played. Ana was injured and only played 2 minutes. Williston, Scott and Murcer played 53 minutes, scored 22 points, had 17 rebounds, 9 assists and only one turnover. The next game they played 28 minutes between them. The game after that Scott was the only one who saw the court and that was for less than a minute.

If it is a given that Simpson and Taylor are going to play 40 minutes without foul trouble and Veitenheimer close to 30 minutes and Maddi for as many minutes foul trouble will allow you don' t have a lot of time for a player like Scott who can add some size and scoring ability.

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Default Re: All Big-12 Awards Announced

I agree with pretty much all of the above comment. It always seems like SC has had favorites, for the churchgoing image fitting players on her team, whom almost always coincidentally are the least athletic and less deserving of the playing time they receive. It's very frustrating as a fan to see the very few truly athletic players we bring in ride the bench for a good portion of their careers or at least never play the amount of time they should have seen on the court because of the favoritism and the stubbornness from our head coach. We've seen some good players leave the program early on account of this or just mentally throw in the towel and never become what they could have been. If Scott does not return for next season I would not blame her. There's no way she should have been a backup to Simpson. I understand she's a freshman and she may have gotten into foul trouble early, but had she received the playing time she deserved she could have developed more and truly contributed to this team. Same goes for Aspen Willisten. Any time I saw her in the game she contributed whether it be offensively or in some other way, yet she was limited in her playing minutes. she could have been our true post this entire season had she been given more opportunity and in turn developed more confidence in her game. I saw a lot of good things anytime she was out on the floor. It almost seems like the worse the players are the more playing time they get under this coach. no other coach in the conference would have started let alone played Tatum as much as she played, nor Simpson. I do see at least one transfer announcement coming within the next few weeks and I won't be surprised in the least by it. I just hope we can hang on to Madi and our two freshmen, as they have true division 1 talent which we need to keep, whether it be under this joke of a coach or a new coach.

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