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Default Defense

It is hard for me to fully understand defensive strategy. I coached in an era where defense was more of a one on one affair and the main strategy was to force the drivers to the middle where there was more congestion.

What has changed.

First players have much greater skills. They can dribble with either hand and easily behind their back. They are much more skilled at crossover tactics. It is virtually impossible for anyone to stay in front of a skilled player with any speed. Also the big guys are often as skilled.

Second Bobby Knight changed the defensive world when his teams forced drivers to the baseline and rotated the defense to stopo them. That was one of the keys to his early success and when others copied he became less effective.

There are always a lot of comments about defense in game threads. One of the main targets is Pellington. So I watched most of three quarters of the Iowa State game switching to slow motion when the Sooners were on defense.

We seem to be a little confused at times with as many as three players trying to stop an individual. That left some open for easy shots. Communication appear poor. We failed to switch at times allowing the Iowa State player to get free for an easy basket. I have to add that Iowa State was doing a very effective job screening.

We either double an offensive player going for the hoop or stay completely out of the play allowing an easy layup. Don't remember seeing a quick check and recover to retain the ability to close on a three point shooter.

Worst of all they scored a ton of points with fast breaks. So did Baylor but they are quicker and more athletic than Iowa State. Several times the first players back were Simpson and Robertson. Also our 19 turnovers created a lot of fast break opportunities.

Finally I watched Pellington closely and didn't see the things that are hung on her. Wonder if the defense is a crutch to justify cutting her minutes. I will continue to watch her.

I record most of the games I watch so I can cut out the commercials and down time. I will spend time watching how the various teams such as Oregon State and Mississippi State play defense.

And by the way, the only trey hit by Taylor was on a down screen. First time I have seen that done for her this year.

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