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Default Re: Interesting Bryce Thompson

Originally Posted by WichitaSooner View Post
But Boynton is emotional on the sideline!! Thatís what matters, right?!? I mean, we heard on this board after the Big XII tournament last year that he and Shaka were both great coaches poised to take their programs to the next level.
I remember most posters saying Shaka is a good recruiter but an average coach.

Personally, I thought Boynton was a much better coach than I have seen this season so far. His best attribute was his ability to get his players to play hard. I saw that in bits and pieces last night, but nothing like before, except for Isaac Likekele. He was lights out determined to win from the opening tap to the final buzzer. He almost single handily kept the Pokes in the game. He just didnít have much help.
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