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Originally Posted by WaymanFan View Post
Not that it's important, but I'm pretty sure we went to the Big XII Championship game in 2000 - only to be beaten by Iowa State. If that was the case, we would have had to win two games. Also, in 1998, I thought we had to play 4 games (hence the 3-1 record). Hey, I'm wrong about things all the time, so that part isn't a big deal. But I still think KS went 19-9 and not 17-9.
Thanks for the audit. I have to use my glasses AND a magnifying glass to read the small print in the "Year-By-Year Results" in the Press Guide that OU mails to me each year. You are certainly correct about 2000. OU beat Mizzou and Texas that year in KC, before falling to Iowa State in the finals.

According to the OU Press Guide, in the 1998 tournament OU beat Mizzou and Texas, before losing to Kansas in the finals. So Kelvin was at least 18-9. My guess is that I made another mistake somewhere and he was really 19-9 as you originally posted.

1998 OU Basketball Season

Those KS coached OU teams, more times than not, at least made it to the semi-finals. That helped make all those trips to Kemper Arena in KC memorable (even if my memory is not the best).

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