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Originally Posted by skyvue View Post
How do we know that's Shepherd's attitude, Ada? I'm not doubting you; I just don't know how we know.

And I also don't understand what you mean by the next paragraph. Though I only attended one of Coach Kruger's practices, it was certainly was organized. Do you mean that when Coach Moser's practices are open to the public, they will be more of a presentation for the fans' benefit, rather than standard, typical practices, but with fans in attendance?
Sky, Garyeb2 said Mike Shepherd was not happy with the practice reports he posted here. Iím paraphrasing, I have no plans to do a search for Garyís posts or my communication with him via PM. That eventually led to an end of Garyís practice reports.

I think itís possible Lon may have signed off on Coach Shepherdís talk with Gary, but thatís pure speculation on my part. All I know is what Gary said on the board and what he told me. I see no reason why he would make it up. As I said, I think Lon created a monster with his open door practice policy, one Mike Shepherd would not want to see repeated. Thatís speculation on my part, too, but itís based on what I believe was an accurate story I got from Garyeb2.

In ďmy next paragraph,Ē Iím talking about the release of information, not the practice. The publicity on everything Moser does seems to controlled by OU basketballís Twitter feed. They do a great job! I especially like the recruiting reports and pictures of the players and their families in Sooner garments with Porter and his staff.
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