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Originally Posted by AdaSooner View Post
Lon created a monster, and Iím betting even he was wishing he had more control of his open door policy. We know for sure Mike Shepherd didnít want to see a repeat of that policy.

While we all enjoyed the practice reports Garyeb2 and others used to post, I doubt if we will ever see anything like that again. I think Moserís practices will be more formal, likely orchestrated by Porter and his coaching staff, but almost certainly controlled as they should be. And, to be honest, Iím fine with that!
How do we know that's Shepherd's attitude, Ada? I'm not doubting you; I just don't know how we know.

And I also don't understand what you mean by the next paragraph. Though I only attended one of Coach Kruger's practices, it was certainly was organized. Do you mean that when Coach Moser's practices are open to the public, they will be more of a presentation for the fans' benefit, rather than standard, typical practices, but with fans in attendance?
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