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Default Re: Sell me on "low major" graduate transfers

Abd, as you already know Im not opposed to bringing in a juco player or two to fill specific needs. I would rather see our coaches identify the targets they are interested in early on, instead of doing what I like to call last minute shopping, but I have always been in favor of mixing juco transfers with high school recruits.

That said, I prefer signing grad transfers this time around for two reasons. OU is in on several of the top high school recruits in our 2019 class. I would not want to see us tie up another scholarship with a juco player on top of the two we have now. If we have no other option, that might be different. But grad transfers will give us the help well need next season and be gone when its time to sign the high school players were in on. I see that as the best of both worlds.

Im not the least bit bothered by bringing in low major tranfers like Reynolds and Calixte. We see low and mid major players just like them in the NCAA tourney every season. Both appear to be late bloomers who might have been passed over by high major coaches. Who knows why? Coaches make mistakes sometimes by giving up on kids too early, or they may wait too long like Capel used to do until a recruit has no choice but to pick another school.

I really like what I have seen of Calixte and Reynolds on video. I think theyre perfect for the roster spots were trying to fill. Calixte is a true point guard and a good one from what I have seen. Reynolds is a combo guard who can swing to the point if need be. They will also give us two mature players who have something to prove. If that was not the case, I doubt if they would be linterested in a change of scenery to finish their senior season.

Reynolds is already a Sooner. I hope Calixte will be too!
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