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Default Re: Thoughts on Westbrook and Tramel?

Westbrook needs to grow up.

But, those criticizing his play are ridiculous. Yes he isn't efficient. But he does everything else well.

OKC does need a coach that can control him more though. OKC has way too much talent have all of these first round exits. I don't put it on westbrook though. We wouldn't even make the playoffs without him.

And just to add all accounts, Westbrook is a great guy out of the press room. He needs to grow up in the press conferences and how he treats the media. However, outside of the game, he is praised by players and people that he deals with.
"But I know some of the qualities of the coach I would pick. Somebody that doesn't mind working, a coach that's going to bring a fresh mindset and help us all get better as basketball players as well as men. A coach that has all our best interests at heart."

-Romero Osby
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