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Default Re: #23 OU vs #14 Baylor 6pm 1/12

Originally Posted by SoonerinNC View Post
I agree on Tot. She has been a real stabelizing force. Kelbie has a higher upside but she seems to be back to doing too much again. Possibly she is trying too hard to live up the national freshman of the week award that she recently achieved. Really typical frosh progress. Baranczyk has done a good job of getting a lot of minutes for both. And getting value when both are in the game.

And Van playing the 5 on defense. Unbelievable. Gives up some easy baskets to the bigs but seems to make it hard for them to get in good position. Doesn't have a Div I body but definitely Div I hands. I think she has a younger sister who is around 6-3. Hope she is as good and headed for OU. I am not concerned that she isn't starting because she is getting starter minutes and more. Great to have that kind of player coming off the bench.
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