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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Dee has more points, rebounds, blocks, and free throw attempts then Mandy... itís a little head starching as to why sheís not starting at the 5.
No idea why Lampkin isnít starting and receiving a lot more minutes. Sherri has a lot of admiration for Simpson, but itís obvious Mandy canít execute against D1 competition. I realize she understands the game, but she canít get rebounds, canít finish near the basket, and is bullied around on the low block. We need athleticism at that spot desperately.

I had held out hope Mandy was smart enough to counter her physical limitations, but I donít know that optimism is warranted at this point. And I hate saying that because she seems like a GREAT human and a GREAT teammate. I just think her role needs to be reduced and that sheís better for us off the bench.
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