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Default Re: Sarah Andrews Home Visit

Originally Posted by Oliver Hardy View Post
Iím just making fun of him. Iíll let you guys figure out if heís qualified. If we donít land any of our targets, then I think we will have a pretty clear picture of his worth - not that he couldnít grow into the job.

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Looking at the some of the 2020 kids OU follows on twitter, I would be shocked if any of them would pick OU... I wouldnít blame that on Jr, but just where the program is, unless we see major improvements with some of the kids already on the team, I donít think OU will have a winning season....

Ou reminds me of Programs like Rutgers and UNC, and Purdue.... I didnít start following womenís basketball until 2005, at the time these 3 schools along with OU were pretty elite, but not you see them as more of middle of the pack schools in there conferences... Rutgers made a good turn around this year, by going to Transfer/ GS route, Maybe Sherri can turn things around, but I think history suggests otherwise....
ďThe area you recruit from often has to do with the level your program has reached,Ē said Auriemma
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