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Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
I'm asking this question without doing my homework first, which I usually don't do.

But using the Kelvin era as a gauge (since we were a consistent top 25 team), how many 4/5 guys that started during that era, moreso 4 guys, would Manek have started over?

Not Minor. Not Eduardo. No Hump. No Ace. Not Bookout. No Brown. I'd take Selvy over him. Not Abercrombie. I'd take Renzi Stone over him, though I could possibly see this one as being debatable (4 vs 5 also). Did Johnnie Gilbert start much? Might take Manek over him.

Not trying to bash the kid, but OU has had a long line of 4's that I'd take over him. I didn't even get into the Capel/Kruger eras, where I'd take Thomas, Griffin (maybe both), and Osby over him. That's the point I'm trying to make. Maybe he makes a jump the next two years and is a better all around player. But he should not have been starting these past two years, and he wouldn't have at most any other point in the last 20+ years of OU basketball.

To be fair, I think you need to ask that question when Manek is a senior. A bigger, stronger Manek two years from now could be an entirely different player than the one we’re seeing now.

Most of the players on your list were not much of a threat to score from the perimeter. Ace, Eduardo and Selvy were to some extent. Osby his senior season. Griffin didnt move to beyond the arc until he was the NBA.
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