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Default Re: Back on the Bubble?

Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
If ya'll want to take credit for beating RIO and UTSA on the road the first two games of the season, go right ahead. From a stand point of measuring how we might do in non-home games from here on out, I personally think they have zero value. You can pretty much add NW to that list too. An OT win against a team that has 13 wins on the season, when we were "playing our best ball?" No thank you. What is our road/neutral record against teams that ESPN currently has in the Tourney? What is it the last 2-3 months of the season? And yes, that matters. This isn't the same team that played back in November. We struggle away from home. A few wins against teams that ended up being terrible (RIO, UTSA, ND, NW, USC) doesn't mean squat when trying to predict if not playing at home might affect our changes in the Big 12 Tourney and Dance.

IMO, of course.
I understand where you are coming from. However, you are focusing on the micro. Understand, when we get into the tournament (probably as an 8/9 seed), we are going to be playing against another flawed team (just like us) in the 1st round. I haven't seen anyone suggesting that we are going to make the Sweet 16....because I don't see this team having much of a chance against a 1 or 2 seed. No one is saying that we're great....because we certainly are not great. We are just above mediocre....just like a team barely above the bubble.

And OU hasn't played all that poorly away from home. They played KU, Tech, Baylor and Texas into the final minute(s) on the road.....this team had a problem closing games on the road in won't get an argument from me. They got blown out by KSU and ISU....and lost to a bad WV team. Well, that happens to "just above mediocre" teams on the road in conference.

We will have a good shot to win our first tournament game. If we win, we are playing with house money at that point.
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