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Default Re: Bedlam women's basketball at 8 pm Monday

Originally Posted by Sooner81 View Post
Thanks for calling me a moron, nice take and quality human being you must be NOT. I assumed that several of you all sunshine pumpers would trash talk me, very predictable. I have NEVER been against any of the players, although IF you pumpers are honest you will admit that many of them are not on the level needed to compete in the Big-12 (bet you arenít though), as I support anyone who comes to my alma mater. SK, I have supported this team for 15+ years with my money and attendance and in ways most on this board never have so you have NO idea what you are talking about when you question me being a fan. We have a coach who WAS a Hall of Fame coach but for 8 years has been a HAS BEEN - she quit caring and coaching and recruiting many years ago and has been taking it easy for many years. Most that look at the state of our program with open eyes agree as well. Or you can continue saying ďbut years ago she went to the final four and won Big-12 championships and blah blah blahĒ, which Iím confident you and Syb sand the others who came after me for simply my opinion will.
So take your little pettiness and go on down the road as your junior high behavior doesnít effect me- by the way for adults itís called a discussion and there can be 2 or more opinions and sides of the discussion LOL.
Go talk to your mommy now
I didn't say you were a moron. I said you were behaving like one. Rooting for your team "to fail" is the real adolescent behavior here.

I would love for you to go into the locker room after the game as a "fan" and a "supporter" and look that team in the eye and tell them you were "sad" they lost. Oh my word. Seriously? Oh, but you've been a fan for 15 years. I'm sure they would understand you really have their best interest at heart.
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