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Originally Posted by TINY View Post
It evidently is hard for you since there is not a single top 100 player on this team per 24/7ís national rankings. The team has very mediocre talent by OU standards. We all knew it going into the season when our 2 elite talents left the program (and our best big man) and were replaced by 2 mediocre grad transfers. The recruiting has been abysmal for the past few years outside of landing Trae and Mcgusty. This incoming class should make us a legit top 25 team again.
You keep throwing out that top 100 crap. OU has never had, or rarely, more than 1 or 2 of those guys at a time, and we've had more success.

But I'll attack your point a different way. I don't have time to do this with every teams, but let's look at TT. They are currently 16th in the country and already two full games in front of OU in the Big 12. What studs do they have? They have three 4* players on their roster. One of them isn't playing this season. One of them is averaging 5 points per game in a role off the bench. And the third one is their third leading scorer at 10.5 ppg. The two scoring more are a 3* kid and an unranked kid out of HS.

I'll do one more. KSU. Currently 1st in the Big 12, not a single 4* player on their roster. Obviously, no top 100 players.

Outside of KU, nobody in this league is leaps and bounds more talented than OU. Baylor is probably noticeably more talented, but that would be it. Everybody else is pretty comparative, ESPECIALLY when you look at where their production is coming from. Meaning, a few teams have some 4* kids, or top 100 kids, that simply aren't contributing much to their winning.
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