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Originally Posted by thebigabd View Post
The next coach at OU should be Grant McCasland from North Texas. He's 42, with a lot of head coaching experience, Big 12 ties, junior college connections, and an 80% win percentage as a head coach.

He has deep recruiting ties in Texas... was a junior college head coach in Texas (winning national championships), was an assistant at Baylor during their best run, and at North Texas won 20 games in his first season last year, and has them at 19-4 this year so far. He won 20 games as the head coach of Arkansas State before going to North Texas as well.

He has won 80% of his games as a head coach.

In his first season at North Texas they broke school records for points scored, 3 pointers made, and total rebounds..

In C-USA this year they are
#5 in scoring offense
#2 in scoring defense
#1 in scoring margin
#1 in 3pt defense
#2 in rebounding margin
#2 in FG percentage
#3 in FG defense
Well done, Big A! You make a great case for Grant McCasland as OU ‘s next coach. I think it’s time to give this topic more attention. If I don’t see a dramatic change at every level, including coaching, in our program next season, I will be for bringing in a new head coach.

No more excuses about a lack of talent. The players on our roster right now may not be final four worthy. But they have proven, at least to me, they’re a lot better than a thirty point loss at home to Baylor, followed by a loss to an undermanned WV team a week later. It should be obvious to everyone that those poor performances, not to mention a twenty point beat down in the LNC by K-State, went beyond an absence of talent.

Our opponents in every game were ready to play—another way of saying they were well prepared when the games started. OU’s players were clearly not ready. Makes me wonder what the heck our coaches were doing in practice prior to those games?

By the way, welcome back!
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