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Default OU debt coverage

I started linking articles on a thread on alcohol sales at athletic events in MBB board, but thought it might be better to start the topic's own thread over here.

The latest:

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education has passed a preliminary budget. However, the incoming president has indicated to them that he plans to revise it when he takes the helm July 1.

We have to pay attention to our costs and a lot of our costs are related to payroll, he said. We will get efficient. This is mostly staff-related. Faculty are the ones who teach the classes and bring the revenue in. I think thats an important point. Im talking about raises for faculty.

Im not the president today. I said, We will begin on July 1, all of the staffs, all of the things that we do and looking at every item and figuring out how to become more efficient. So if you ask me, Where are we going to have it? How many people? All of that, Im not the president yet.

Ive run major enterprises. I know what it takes to do human resources, public affairs, account all of those things. Ive run massive, massive organizations and I can see that there inefficiencies in the university in different places, and we will begin looking at the details and deciding what those elements are.

Articles from earlier this week:

$1 billion of debt concerns incoming OU president. David Boren says that amount isn't unusual for universities

University of Oklahoma facing $1 billion debt, inadequate operating cash
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