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Default Re: As a fan, what is the most important outcome for you?

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Consistency. The biggest turnoff to me in terms of OU basketball over the last decade has been the inconsistency within the program. I loved how Kelvin had us Dancing every year (but one). I liked knowing that going into a season, "if" we would make the tournament wasn't really the question. My expectation for the program is basically what Kelvin was able to accomplish. Consistently in the Tournament. Consistently in the top 4-5 of the Big 12. I prefer better Tournament results than Kelvin gave us, but that is mostly reflective of his earlier years. Perfectly content with what he did after that.

But those terrible seasons and missed Tournament years haunt me. Takes the joy out of supporting our program.
We've missed the tourney once in the past seven years. So Lon has accomplished the very thing you list as your primary concern.
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