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Default Re: As a fan, what is the most important outcome for you?

Interesting responses.... I am going to go with skyvue more here. The logic is sound. The regular season is an extended period of time with many reachable accomplishments in play.... In-season tournament titles, conference title, top 20 rankings, a lot of media talk, hype, prime-time television appearances, etc ALL come from having a good regular season.

I would say that is better than being average during the year, not having much hype or attention, etc but making a Sweet 16 or Elite 8 run.

I would add to that, even if you make a nice run in the NCAA Tournament, but your team was average, people would discredit it for many reasons... Oh they just got good matchups, the better team they played couldn't hit anything, some guy was hurt, etc. It doesn't necessarily provide proof that you are a good team, but rather circumstances were favorable.
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