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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder

Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
lol, how's this working out so far?

This was never going to be a good mesh of talent. They'll win games b/c they have too much talent not to. But this isn't a championship team.
Still think it was a terrible mesh of talent, and all of the trading and stuff simply created a roster that wasn't deep enough or good enough outside of the top 3-4 players.

OKC lucked into the 4 seed by being extremely healthy all season, while quite a few other teams had a significant number of games missed by "star" players. Then they lose, with home court advantage, to a Utah team with no All-Stars.

And Westbrook finished the series shooting under 40% from the field, and shot under 40% from the field in 4 of the 6 games. And then acts like a clown after the game. smh
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