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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony to the Thunder

Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
lol, how's this working out so far?

This was never going to be a good mesh of talent. They'll win games b/c they have too much talent not to. But this isn't a championship team.
10 games is a little too early to make that call.

They are playing very good defense. Which is a good sign.
I'd rather be playing good defense and not good offense than vice versa at this point in the season.

I thought we would be clicking by now, and it concerns me a bit, but not worried yet. If we are still playing 500 ball after 20 games, I'll be worried
"But I know some of the qualities of the coach I would pick. Somebody that doesn't mind working, a coach that's going to bring a fresh mindset and help us all get better as basketball players as well as men. A coach that has all our best interests at heart."

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