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I have been too irritated to post for the past couple days because of the NCAA/ESPN scheduling of OU's Super Regional games. OU is the overall #1 seed - so their first game is scheduled for mid-afternoon Friday? Not prime time? And on ESPNU - not ESPN or ESPN2? And the 2nd game is scheduled for mid-afternoon Saturday? What a screw job.

Let's look at a hypothetical March Madness and say Duke is the #1 overall seed of 64 teams and is in the Elite 8 matched up with Villanova. The winner advances to the Final Four. Would this game be scheduled for mid-afternoon when millions of fans/people are at work? Would it be shown on ESPNU which many affordable cable packages doesn't offer?

I want toes who will be playing in prime time this weekend, other than west coast supers because of the time zones. End of rant.
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