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Default Re: This team could be better than most people think

Originally Posted by WTSooner View Post
Our bigs aren't a problem on offense, they are a problem on defense and rebounding. Neither Doo nor Manek are particularly good rebounders or defenders. Neither are rim protectors. That is a VERY important part of being a good team defense is having guys inside that can a) protect the rim, and b) rebound and end possessions for the opposing team.

I'm not saying we need a top 10 NBA pick in there, but we should have a better option than we've had recently, or will likely have this year.
Doo isn't "particularly good" defensively. He is far better than that. Sadly, reality and evidence will never convince you otherwise. Blocking shots isn't the only way to be a good post defender.

Also, when we play guys who can protect the rim, then the masses complain that by going for blocked shots, they leave their man and make us vulnerable to offensive rebounds or easy dropoff passes. So short of finding a guy who does everything perfectly, people will never be happy.
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