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Originally Posted by OUSKINS View Post
Manek drives me nuts. He is the most gifted player on the team currently. He is a natural shooter and he has great size for a wing player. He’s also athletic enough and has at times rebounded well. I view him as having a fairly high ceiling and one of the few (maybe only) guys on this current roster that would draw some intrigue/playing time for a REALLY good team. But he either fights with his confidence or his effort or his stamina— maybe all three. He seems disengaged at times. That doesn’t always mean he isn’t trying. Again, it could be confidence or fatigue. But there are way too many times I watch him and wonder what the heck he’s doing. A guy like Odomes on the other hand is always going 110mph. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the physical tools to max out at a very high level. But whatever his max is, he reaches it. I just hope Manek reaches his before he leaves.
I hope so too, but judging from recent history I'm skeptical.
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