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Default Re: Deepest Team at Oklahoma since…

The benchmark team for DEPTH is the 1990 club. All one needs to know about the depth on that team is the name Terrance Mullins. As a freshman, he was the only reserve to play in the title game against Kansas two years earlier. So, in essence, he went from being the 6th man on OU's best team ever to being the 5th or 6th man OFF THE BENCH two years later. That 1990 team also did not have a true go-to guy - but several really good options (Skeeter Henry, Damon Patterson, Jackie Jones and William Davis were their four best players, but I'm not sure which one of them was the best).

I saw the past two games and couldn't help but be impressed with all the capable players we have. However, until we play a really good high major, I'm tapping the breaks on bragging about the depth. Still, early returns indicate there is at least a possibility we have 13 guys who are capable of making a big play for us at some point in the season. I don't remember ever saying that prior.
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