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OU tends not to upset anyone. We win the ones we are supposed to. The last upset was probably over Baylor in Norman in 2015, 68-64. We tend to be upset, especially by teams that foul a lot: Baylor, West Virginia, Kentucky. I don't know that we should have ever lost to Kentucky or West Virginia. We blew a win over Kentucky when Kornet lost her cool and threw the ball after being fouled with about a second left. It resulted in two Kentucky free throws, and a Kentucky win.

The last OU team that really played over its head at tournament time was 2004 when a team that was 9-7 in the Big Twelve, upset #13 Colorado, #8 Kansas State, and #2 Texas to win the Big Twelve tournament. We were #19 at the time.

As far as how great recruiting can make a team great, Baylor has recruited top classes for about ten years. They haven't been to the Final Four since 2012, losing four times in the Elite Eight and once in the Sweet Sixteen. Kansas can beat them. OSU can beat them. Kentucky beats them. West Virginia beat them in Waco and in the Big Twelve finals. There is a message there about the type of team that beats Baylor. Texas doesn't even do as well as they should.

OU is constantly being criticized on this board. Conference finishes:
1 2006
T1 2007
T3 2008
1 2009
T2 2010
T3 2011
T2 2012
T3 2013
T5 2014
T2 2015
T4 2016
3 2017

Lot of 1, 2, and 3's there. One time we got down to #5.

I have had the impression for the past three years that we have been playing beneath what we thought were our capabilities. I think we thought too much of certain players. They were good in highschool. But, they really never became college stars. I think Vivi, Maddie, and Gabbi are the best of the players that we have had, and I hope they will rise to the level of which they are capable this year.

Let's remember that Vivi began here as a freshman who hadn't played but a couple of years. She had also torn her ACL in the final game of her highschool career. Despite that, she was able to play as a freshman. She has improved. Her defense is better. She has better moves. Her free throw shooting has improved (21 points).

Gabbi has cut her turnovers down from 84 to 56 while raising her Assists to 121. She is our best free throw shooter.

Maddie has overcome two ACL surgeries along with some other knee injuries to become our scoring leader. She shot 46% from three in Big Twelve play last year. She is an 80% free throw shooter, our second leading rebounder, and led the Big Twelve in steals. Been high in that category for two years now. She causes turnovers. I've seen complaints that Maddie turns it over too much. She has 127 turnovers in the past two years. She has 113 steals to go with her 151 assists. Her A/T ratio is high enough without bringing her steals into play. She also gets some blocked shots. And, she is still recovering from injuries, gaining confidence that she won't go down. Against the team that we seem to fold against, Baylor, she was 11 and 9 last year. Everyone should do that good. While recovering from her injury last year, she was 11 and 2, but she did thrown three steals into the mix.

I think we had some players who simply had "deer in the headlights" complex when we played Baylor. I hope that this group has divested themselves of this. We beat Washington on their home floor, the same team that wiped out the Kentucky team that eliminated us and went to the Final Four. Beat them two years in a row. Curiously, the Washington team that we had beaten two years in a row killed us last year, after they went to the Final Four. Now, do we back down from Washington? I think that attitude graduated.
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