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Default Re: Question for the board: Are refs allowing TY now to get fouled.....

Originally Posted by MsProudSooner View Post
What do the people who say Trae isn't a great athlete think he is missing? He has speed and quickness. Watching him, he seems to be stronger than you would think, based on his size.
It's really not that tough to understand -- when scouts and analysts make that comment, they are talking about athleticism from an NBA standpoint. Compare him to Westbrook, Wall, Fox, Rose (pre-injury). We haven't even see Trae dunk in a game, and obviously that matters when you are trying to assess whether a point guard will be able to finish at the rim in NBA games. And while he may be stronger than he looks, I don't think strength could reasonably be considered an attribute right now.

I love Trae and think he will be a great pro and think he should (and will) be picked early in the lottery. He has tons of skill and, like you say, his speed and quickness are impressive. But think of the difference between Steph Curry and Westbrook, and that is the answer to your question. Both among the best players in the NBA, but go about it in totally different ways.
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