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Default Re: Question for the board: Are refs allowing TY now to get fouled.....

Originally Posted by DenverSooner View Post
It is absurd to say Trae Young is not a great athlete. Don’t parrot idiots in the media.

If you lead the nation in scoring and assists you are one of the best athletes in decades. If you can make insanely deep 3 point shots and drive to the basket at will you are a great athlete. If you are a lottery pick in the NBA, you are a great athlete.

Trae Young is going to win the Naismith. Nobody has or will ever win that award that is not a great athlete.

I don’t mean to insult you but it is ridiculous how the media suggests guys that are not very good at their sport are better athletes than the best players. Rather than insulting the truly great players we should consider questioning the intelligence of the “great atletes”.

Get out of here. There is a difference between athleticism and skill. Athleticism being your running, jumping, quick twitch, etc. The stuff a guy like Jamuni McNeace possesses in spades. That's different than what a guy like Trae Young possesses in spades, which are skills (i.e. the handle and the shot), as well as intelligence and vision.

So, as I was saying, Trae is NOT a great athlete. That's not a media narrative, it's just a fact. If you want to argue semantics against commonly accepted definitions, well that's bizarre.
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