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Default Re: Question for the board: Are refs allowing TY now to get fouled.....

Originally Posted by sheepdogs1 View Post
Because you have to compare like behavior for it to hold value. Is it possible some guards drive hard to the basket more than others (those that do are more likely to be fouled). Is it not possible for a player to be in control of the ball more than others would likely be fouled more than those who possess it less? Trae shoulders the ball more than a lot of players thus it is different. For the stat to hold weight you need other players doing the very same thing to make a fair assessment who is gaining favor by the refs and who is not.
I don't care about that so I probably shouldn't have even responded in this thread. It's ridiculous to posit that Trae is getting routinely hosed by the refs but I know that's what some fans want to focus on.

Whether or not a player gets to the rim often and is able to generate a lot of free throw attempts is absolutely relevant in determining how good an offensive player he is, however. So I suppose your point was that it's an irrelevant stat to this debate which I can get behind. It's hardly irrelevant, though.
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