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Default Re: Interesting Bryce Thompson

Originally Posted by AdaSooner View Post
Boyton gets my vote for the “best emotional interview by a head coach” this year, but I’m not impressed with his coaching. Kalib Boone looked like a future star in the making last year. He played 9 minutes, logged 2 points and not a single rebound in last night’s game. If Thompson is supposed to be the best player on OSU’s roster, why is he not starting?

Has Boyton lost this team? Will BT spend his final two seasons at another school?
I have led the band that hes a HUGELY overrated coach. Dude has done nothing but hire a player's brother..

Hes won exactly 1 ncaa tournament game and has a 55% win percentage.
Porter Moser's Sooners = National Champions by 2026!

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