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Default Re: Any subscribers?

Originally Posted by BlackwellSooner View Post
Thanks for the replies. I kinda thought that Watch and SoonerSportsTV both allowed the subscriber to stream it, but wanted to confirm before I subscribed. And I agree with OUALUMinTX that the FloSoftball didn't do a great job of streaming, especially for the amount that they charge ($30/mo) compared to $10 for SSTV.

I will be subscribing to SSTV. The Sooner softballers will have a much tougher time this year compared to previous years, but it should be fun to watch all of these young players mature and develop. I will be pleasantly surprised if we make it to OKC this year, what with pitching problems and the injuries. I do think that we have a fairly good chance to extend our streak of conference championships, though...
How did it go yesterday? Hope you didnít have any problems.
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