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Default Carmelo Anthony's Flagrant 2 Foul

I’m surprised what may have been one of the worst calls in NBA history has not been a topic of discussion on this board. I happened to be watching the game when it happened. I was certain Carmelo Anthony would be going to the line for an and one, so I didn’t understand why the officiating crew was spending so much time looking at it on the monitor.

I was shocked when he was called for a Flagrant 2 foul and kicked out of the game. What had been a horrible call had quickly morphed into an absolute travesty!

This CBS reporter is being kind to call it a joke! No one that I can find, except the league’s officials, are defending what this crew did, because there is no defense. This is a prime example of what I hate about NBA basketball! Good ol’ boys defending their buddies even when they’re wrong!
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