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I'm assuming at this point there is no news, since we haven't heard anything and school has started/will start very soon. I'm a tad disappointed, even though I didn't expect much, go figure. I guess I just thought if we went after any late additions it would definitely be a post, rather than a PG in Lemons. Speaking of, she's not yet added to the there an issue here? I want to put faith in SC and trust she knows what she's doing in not adding another big girl, but my faith has wavered tremendously over the past two seasons. Maybe Lampkin has made great strides over the off season and Bloom is better than her highlights and they are enough? Maybe she is confident we will sign a good post for the class of 2020? Who knows anymore with this program. With the amount of transfers out there I do know there shouldn't be an excuse, as there have got to be some available (or were) posts out there better than what we already have, so if we have trouble this next season at that position and it leads to another poor season, I believe SC will be solely to blame. We can't have a glaring weakness and expect to beat good teams, and 6'0" tall girls won't cut it in DI wbb IMO. I know i'm probably in the minority here, but I just want us to win!
I agree with you! Been really disappointed with the recruiting the last few years. Nothing wrong with the recruits we have gotten, but not a balanced class or roster. And I Thought (and still do) that if SC had really wanted a better center the coaching staff could have worked to find one somewhere, JC, transfer, freshman, or something if they WANTED TO. Not getting one to me meant they didn't work hard enough, or had criteria that eliminated too many for non basketball reasons. I did not renew my tickets and reduced my Sooner Club donations because of the lack of quality of wbb.
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